Cultivate Curiosity™

At Envision Financial Partners, we believe products are simply a means to an end. We all need tools to achieve things. The deeper question is, what do you wish to achieve? In our model, cracking the code can be a shared experience that isn't found in documents and policies and asset allocation models.

Cultivate Curiosity is a planning methodology to help you envision your long-view.

Each of the individuals and families to whom we’re referred have been students of accumulation, anticipating a prosperous future. The challenge is that hope alone lacks the infrastructure of strategy and a goal is simply a dream until it’s fully developed.

When you sit down with a thinking partner who’s genuinely curious, the dialogue uncovers underlying meaning about what you want to create for yourself and your family – and why.

Curiosity is a magnet for self-learning. You hear your own priorities with unprecedented clarity, and we hear them too.

Together, we leverage the raw material of hope, uncovering your goals, and then converting them to quantifiable strategies.

We believe this methodology is the difference between an advisor and an advisory relationship. An advisor provides information. An advisory relationship hangs in there with you where the rubber meets the road. Cultivate Curiosity is a three-phase model, beginning with Learn Your Intent.


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