Partner to Prosper

We know that as life stages unfold, the only true constant is change itself. Every financial plan can endure stress at some point.

In Phase Three of our model, Partner to Prosper, we stress test your plan and reveal weak points, to decrease the likelihood that any single event will break the plan.

Importantly, we believe that every asset should have a clear job description. In order to help you achieve your endgame with elegance and efficiency, it’s essential to be intentional about where you accumulate and how you distribute.

Partner to Prosper means that very few big accomplishments are achieved by lone rangers. Big wins are the purview of shared experiences with partners, mentors and coaches. We all need other people to consistently test our hypotheses and notice when the strategies, tools or perspectives are veering off track. Staying in the game with you allows us to proactively tend to these course corrections before they become uncorrectable.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

Mark Twain

The continuity of our relationship can create a transformational experience in planning: from an abstract numerical finish line to the fulfillment of personal achievement. Importantly, our methodology offers a continuous cycle. When new opportunities or obstacles present themselves, we’re here to Cultivate Curiosity and figure it out together.

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