Learn Your Intent

We embark on Phase One with the premise that many of the best financial planning goals in the world aren’t financial. In fact, non-numeric goals are more inviting because they make your wealth-based goals relevant.

Learn Your Intent is the process of moving from thoughts and ideas to language and dialogue.

In this first phase, we facilitate deep articulation of the distant aspirations that may have circled through your thoughts or your family conversations for years.

When you’re invited to fully envision your future, your relationship with financial goals takes on a compelling shift.

Finally, you’ll feel a personal connection to your goals, each one impacting someone or something you cherish. When you picture achieving them, it brings satisfaction and joy.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Abraham Lincoln

Compassion and curiosity about your history help lay the foundation for our conversations. We all come to adulthood with a myriad of life experiences – a melting pot of mentors and messiness. We know that a person’s history can influence their priorities and perspectives around decision-making. Understanding your inclinations paves a path for meaningful progress.

When you experience a thinking partner who cares authentically about your outcomes, you’ll find yourself shifting from We Want to We Will; from someday to today.

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